2010 Easter Camp Fun and Games

The annual Cricket Scotland Easter camp was held this week at the David Keswick centre. Twelve boys attended; five from Dumfries, six from Galloway and one from Lockerbie.

Day one was all about the basic skills of batting, bowling, and fielding. The day began with fielding drills which included catching, running, throwing and general team work. They then went straight into batting where the main shot to be practiced was the front drive. After a short break the boys moved on to bowling where they concentrated on the run-up and where to pitch the ball. After that they split into two teams to play a game.

The second day started off with more fielding work. After that the rest of the day was all about having fun with games such as racing cricket, non-stop cricket, rapid fire and Top of the Class. The two days were enjoyed by all.

The sessions were led by Chris Stewart the D&G Community Cricket Coach, The post of local community coach is being part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community, Dumfries and Galloway Leader 2007-2013 programme.