DG U13 Cricket: Testing Trial

2009 Dumfries and Galloway U13 Trials

2009 Dumfries and Galloway U13 Trials

The Dumfries & Galloway Junior Cricket Trial took place on Sunday in the form of a “test match”. It was an opportunity to see how the players could cope in the longer format of the game where concentration is even more of an issue. Cope they did – perhaps a little better than some of the adults watching – and the match provided many of the facets of a 4 or 5 day match. The match started in a serene manner -sailing along – bowlers bowling well and challengingly, batters not giving an inch and putting bat to ball in a positive manner and the fielding efficient. Then the match drifted and little progress was made, the match apparently dead in the water. Then suddenly a storm rose and finally the winning post was passed in a breeze.

Gregor Masterton’s team batted first and the match started in fine fashion. In the face of some excellent bowling, fielding and field-placing, the batting looked very good. Chris Lumb carried on his good form and the captain supported him well . The pick of the bowlers was Dominic Little with his left-arm seam.

The match then entered its soporific stage which only hid the fact that there was an attractive innings by Andrew Geddes and a very competent one from Ross Crawford.. The feeling seemed, however, that that the game was going nowhere – it was going to be a boring draw. But then a declaration was made on 89 for one – 25 behind and the ball was thrown into the opposition court.

How things can change – urgency was now evident – brains started whirring – how many overs were needed to bowl them out and win the match? How many runs were needed to stop them winning or force the batters to take too many chances? Despite the opposition captain, Niall Alexander, taking an early wicket it was Masterton’s team (which had become Michael Temlett’s team) who were in control and having to do all the thinking. All 3 outcomes were on the card.

Then suddenly it was all change. Young McBride, bowling spin, took 2 wickets in 2 overs, including that of the imperious Lumb. Alexander brought himself back on and bowled superbly at the stumps and Dominic Little joined in the fun. It was game over – bowled out for 85 and only 111 to defend with 27 overs to get them.

Crawford was not about to allow that kind of opportunity to slip, his fellow opener, Dean Brotherstone, could see the benefit of batting sensibly and their team-mates could only look on in admiration as they won the match at a canter with 8 overs to spare.

Match Details: Victory by NA XI by 10 wickets
Gregor Masterton XI – 114/4 (C Lumb 48, G Masterton 24; D Little 2-21) and 85 all out (D Hubbert 24 no, C Lumb 21; N Alexander 3-16, C McBride 2-6, D Little 2-19)

Niall Alexander XI – 89/1 declared (R Crawford 31 no, A Geddes 22 retired) and 111/0 (D Brotherstone 59no, R Crawford 34 no)